Dentures, or Dental Plates are one of the most common ways to restore missing teeth. Dentures have been made for decades with long history of success and tails of experience and knowledge.

Cost Of Dentures

Being very cost effective compared to other prosthetic options, dentures are becoming increasingly popular.

Making dentures might seem like a simple procedure, mainly carried out by the lab technician. But actually successful dentures require careful designing and engineering that only a qualified dentist in some situations can do or supervise.

Variety of materials and designs are tailored together to provide best function and good look without sacrificing comfort. Good planning and examination of the tissues and facial features are key factors.

For some patients, dentures are the first and recommended option. On the other hand sometimes dentures with poor prognosis are the last resort.

Care Of Dentures

Denture home care and professional maintenance is very important to keep dentures and supporting tissues in good shape.

Spending a long time without some or all your teeth results in changes in the mouth that makes denture placement more demanding. Some dentures are used as temporary solutions until permanent prothesis can be fabricated and placed.

Dentures can be placed in the mouth immediately after removing a problematic tooth so speaking and overall look are not compromised.

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